Reasons and solutions for dehydration of Foundry Coating manufacturers

Reasons and solutions for dehydration of Foundry Coating manufacturers

2022-06-15 08:27

The reasons and solutions of dehydration of Foundry Coating manufacturers, let's have a brief understanding together!
The cause of dehydration
The main reason is that the suspension system of the coating is unstable, and the volume of its own network gel structure shrinks after being placed for a period of time, especially the coating with a larger amount of sodium-based bentonite is more prone to this phenomenon of dehydration and separation.

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Second, the solution
1. Strictly control the composition of the coating components, use less or no sodium-based bentonite and other components. Many papers recommend the use of sodium-based bentonite as a suspending agent. It is one-sided and most of the sodium-based soil is a composite of soda ash and ordinary bentonite It is made of non-natural sodium base. The anti-dehydration effect of attapulgite in the coating is better.
2. Increase the powder-to-liquid ratio of the coating and increase the concentration appropriately.
3. The proportion of excessive density is appropriately reduced.
4. The particle size of aggregate powder should not be too coarse.
5. Add a small amount of appropriate activator to improve the dispersion of aggregates.
6. Coatings with dehydration are often prone to "breaking water" (drainage) defects when they are painted and hung. When dehydration is serious, they should be stirred in time and used in a stirred state, or used as soon as possible after adding appropriate components to adjust them properly. long time. Coatings with too serious dehydration and dehydration should not be used. A certain amount of additives should be added to adjust them before use. If they have deteriorated, they should be scrapped.
The above is a brief introduction to the reasons for dehydration of Foundry Coating manufacturers and the relevant knowledge of solutions.

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