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Discount Metal coating protective structure

2022-07-13 08:29

Discount Metal coating protective structure, including a metal main board, one side surface of the metal main board is provided with a reinforcement groove, the interior of the reinforcement groove is provided with a number of reinforcement mechanisms, the reinforcement mechanism includes a connection block, and each surface of the connection block is provided with a connection groove to connect the A connecting rod is inserted into the groove, an anti-corrosion plate is arranged on the side surface of the metal main plate away from the reinforcement groove, a reinforcement plate is arranged on the side of the metal main plate away from the anti-corrosion plate, and a number of heat dissipation plates are laterally arranged between the reinforcement plate and the metal main plate. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and convenient use, the reinforcement mechanism can ensure that the metal protective structure has good strength, and the weight of the entire protective structure is greatly reduced, avoiding the bulkiness and loss of flexibility caused by too much filling of internal materials. The heat dissipation pipe can ensure that there is a certain heat dissipation space inside the protective structure, and the heat can be conducted and diffused through the heat dissipation pipe.

Discount Metal coating
In summary, this is a brief introduction to the knowledge of the Discount Metal coating protective structure.

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