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Aluminum Foundry products application

Aluminum Foundry products application


BMC-20 ingot mold coating is a water-based environmentally friendly ingot mold coating, which is used in aluminum ingot/zinc ingot/magnesium ingot casting.

BMT-20 coating is a water-based coating, which is different from the oil-based coatings in the market. It is environmentally friendly and safe. It is used in aluminum ingot and aluminum alloy ingot casting, aluminum alloy gravity casting, and aluminum alloy low-pressure casting.

MBN-20 is a water-based coating that can be mixed with water in a certain proportion to help demould the product.

Mainly used in the following fields

1. Casting release MBN-20 has excellent adhesion to metal-based molds, the product is delicate and smooth, and can provide a smooth release interface. The formed interface can effectively isolate the molten aluminum from the mold. Using the excellent lubricating properties of boron nitride, the aluminum casting is not only easy to demold, but also has a bright surface. Utilizing the characteristics of boron nitride coating that does not stick to aluminum, the aluminum liquid flows smoothly and unimpeded, and the aluminum castings are formed intact without distortion. It is especially suitable for large castings or complex parts that require a smooth surface of aluminum castings.

2. Glass demolding is suitable for the metal base surface in contact with the glass melt. It has excellent high temperature stability and lubricity. During the glass processing, it reduces the surface defects of glass products and makes the glass easy to demold; A protective layer is formed on the surface of the mold to extend the service life of the mold. It is especially suitable for high-difficulty deep bending, hot bending, hot melting, special-shaped, clear light and other curved glass processing.

3. The heat pipe sintering and demoulding can be firmly attached to the center rod in the heat pipe production process, and a protective coating is formed between the copper powder and the center rod. After high temperature sintering at 800-850℃, the center rod can be easily separated. Significantly improve production efficiency, extend the service life of the center rod, and reduce enterprise costs.

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