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In order to help employees quickly integrate into the company environment and corporate culture, systematically learn the knowledge and experience of teamwork, and effectively give play to colleagues' interests and expertise, accelerate the improvement of their work abilities, implement the values of continuous learning, and create a functional development plan , Through a sound training system, diverse learning tools and various department heads to form a normal learning technology committee to encourage and stimulate learning, and further in-depth formulation of personal development plans, as the basis for training, assessment and development. With a fair and transparent promotion system, colleagues can adapt to their talents.



At Benedet, we put people first and strive to create a working environment where everyone can realize themselves. As a developing company, I hope we can develop and progress together here.

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R&D engineer (long-term recruitment)


Job Requirements:
1. Major in materials chemistry, chemical engineering or related, college degree or above;
2. Working experience in coatings, fine chemicals, metal smelting, etc. is preferred;
3. Working experience in product development, product performance testing, laboratory preparation, etc. is preferred;
4. Fresh graduates who meet the professional requirements are also available.

Salary and benefits:
1. Working hours: The company implements a five-day and seven-hour work system, and implements a holiday system in accordance with national regulations;
2. Social security and provident fund: Enjoy standard social insurance, the company purchases social security and housing provident fund for employees;
3. Subsidies: Traditional holidays provide employees with festival fees;
4. Salary treatment: Provide a competitive salary standard in the industry;
5. Provide a community-style living environment, 5 minutes walk to work.

Work location: Zhongzhi Creative Industry Park, Fucheng Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen

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Sales Engineer


Job responsibilities:
1. Conscientiously implement the company's sales management system and implementation rules, be responsible for market development and product sales tasks in the area under its jurisdiction, and complete sales targets;
2. Responsible for conducting business negotiations with customers, signing sales contracts, supervising the normal performance of contracts, and recovering sales revenue on time;
3. Develop new markets and sales channels, develop new customers, and expand product sales;
4. Maintain existing customer relationships, visit customers regularly for technical exchanges, and provide customers with technical support and after-sales service;
5. Responsible for the collection of market information and analysis of competitors in the jurisdiction, and timely feedback to the company;
6. Regularly report the work of the department to the department leader, and maintain close coordination with other departments of the company.

Work requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in metal materials, metallurgy, chemical engineering, etc.;
2. More than two years of experience in sales or production of equipment or materials in the metal or chemical industry;
3. Proficiency in word, excel, powerpoint, master AUTO CAD;
4. Work conscientiously, proactively, have good professional ethics and good personal qualities;
5. Strong communication and business processing skills, good teamwork spirit;
6. Have good expression skills and clear thinking;
7. Ability to adapt to poor work.

Salary and benefits:
1. Working hours: The company implements a 5-day 7-hour work system. Implement a vacation system in accordance with national regulations;
2. Social security and provident fund: Enjoy standard social insurance, the company purchases social security and housing provident fund for employees, and bears social security, housing provident fund company and personal expenses for employees;
3. Benefits: The company organizes domestic and foreign travel once a year, organizes birthday celebrations for employees, and organizes collective activities at least once a month;
4. Subsidy: A lunch subsidy of 300 yuan per person per month, as well as the surplus paid by employees during traditional festivals;
5. Salary: Provide competitive salary standards in the industry.
6. Components of salary: Basic salary + commission + target assessment bonus + travel subsidy. In March of each year, the salary is adjusted according to the employee's work performance in the previous year.

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