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Metal based boron nitride coating for casting factory describes the application range of boron nitride

2021-12-16 15:38

Do you know the scope of application of boron nitride? Let's follow the editor of Metal based boron nitride coating for casting factory to have a simple understanding!
1. According to heat and corrosion resistance
It can manufacture high-temperature components, rocket combustion chamber linings, thermal shielding of spacecraft, corrosion-resistant parts of magnetic fluid generators, etc.
2. According to insulation
It is widely used in insulators for high-voltage and high-frequency electricity and plasma arcs, as well as insulators for various heaters, heating pipe sleeves and high-temperature, high-frequency, high-voltage insulation and heat dissipation components, and materials for high-frequency applications of electric furnaces.

3. According to thermal conductivity
Used as a crucible for the preparation of gallium arsenide, gallium phosphide and indium phosphide, heat sink for semiconductor package heat sink, heat sink for phase shifter, heat sink for traveling wave tube collector, p-type diffusion source and microwave for semiconductor and integrated electrode window.
4. According to shielding
In the atomic reactor, it is used as a neutron absorbing material and shielding material. It can also be used as infrared, microwave polarizer, infrared filter, optical path of laser instrument, ultra-high pressure pressure transmission material, etc.
In summary, the editor of Metal based boron nitride coating for casting factory tells: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge about the scope of application of boron nitride.

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