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Ingot mold coating Manufacturer direct supply describes the preparation method of ingot mold coating

2021-12-03 14:38

Do you know how to prepare the ingot mold coating? Ingot mold coating Manufacturer direct supply editor will show you a simple look.
A preparation method of zinc ingot casting mold coating of hydro-zinc smelting. Limestone powder and calcined kaolin are mixed uniformly to prepare paint A powder, boric acid is dissolved in hot water, and then paint A powder is added and stirred evenly. The paint is obtained; then the paint is evenly sprayed on the surface of the mold with a spray gun to form a coating. Due to the chemical reaction of boric acid, limestone powder and calcined kaolin at high temperature, a complex compound composed of calcium oxide, diboron trioxide, silicon dioxide, and aluminum trioxide is produced. It is resistant to high temperature and has strong adhesion. Effective coating. The patented technology of the present invention is based on the characteristics of iron casting molds for ingots that are susceptible to corrosion by high-temperature zinc liquid, select suitable coatings, and apply the coatings to the molds under certain temperature conditions to produce uniform coatings. When casting the ingot, the zinc ingot is separated from the mold to protect the mold from erosion and make the zinc ingot smooth and clean.
In summary, the editor of Ingot mold coating Manufacturer direct supply tells: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge about the preparation method of ingot mold coating.

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