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Discount Boron nitride manufacturers' knowledge of chemical vapor synthesis method

2021-12-27 15:32

Discount Boron nitride manufacturers are crystals composed of nitrogen atoms and boron atoms. How much do you know about chemical vapor synthesis of Discount Boron nitride manufacturers? Let's take a look at it briefly!
The pulse plasma technology is used to prepare a square Discount Boron nitride manufacturers film at low temperature and low pressure. The equipment used is simple and the process is easy to realize, so it has been developed rapidly. A variety of vapor deposition methods have emerged. Traditionally speaking, it mainly refers to thermal chemical vapor deposition. The experimental device is generally composed of a heat-resistant quartz tube and a heating device. The substrate can be heated by a heating furnace (hot-wall CVD) or high-frequency induction heating (cold-wall CVD). The reaction gas decomposes on the surface of the high-temperature substrate, and at the same time, a chemical reaction occurs to deposit a film. The reaction gas is a mixed gas of BCl3 or B2H4 and NH3.
In summary, it is a brief introduction to the chemical vapor synthesis of Discount Boron nitride manufacturers.

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