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Classification knowledge of Ingot mold coating manufacturers

2021-12-06 14:27

Ingot mold coating manufacturers are divided into two categories: one is mold wall coatings, and the other is mold bottom coatings. In the past, most of the mold wall coatings used coal tar, heavy oil, graphite, etc. as the base material. Due to the large difference between the thermal decomposition temperature and the optimal value and the serious carburization of the residual carbon on the mold wall, it has been replaced by water-soluble resin. . The mechanism of action of water-soluble resin is: when the splash droplets produced during pouring stick to the resin-coated ingot mold, the resin of this layer will decompose under the temperature condition of 400~600℃, release gas and make splash The droplets fall off automatically after solidification. Studies have shown that when the high temperature viscosity of the water-soluble resin decomposition residue is between 1000 and 3000 cst, the surface quality of the steel ingot is better. In addition, there are some additional requirements for steel Ingot mold coating manufacturers. One is the low thermal conductivity, strong adhesion to the ingot mold, and it is best to have a certain surface strength and rapid heat resistance at high temperatures. Mold bottom coating generally refers to bottom coating, bottom repairing agent and anti-leakage agent. Such coatings are mostly silicon, aluminum or magnesium materials, which will not pollute molten steel. It is mostly sprayed, and sometimes it is made into a paste and applied by hand.

The above is a brief introduction to the classification knowledge of Ingot mold coating manufacturers.

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