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BN coating from China for pressure casting and its preparation method

2021-12-21 14:12

How much do you know about boron nitride coatings for pressure casting and their preparation methods? The editor of BN coating from China will take you a brief look.

Boron nitride coating for pressure casting and its preparation method are made of raw materials with the following weight ratios: hexagonal boron nitride 2050%, aluminum sol 1030%, reinforcing material 210%, sodium tripolyphosphate 0.52%, attapulgite 15% , Isooctyl alcohol 0.20.6%, and the balance is demineralized water. Preparation method: mix sodium tripolyphosphate, aluminum sol, attapulgite and demineralized water into a uniform solution, and load the hexagonal boron nitride powder and reinforcing materials into the ball mill After ball milling for a certain period of time, take it out, gradually add it to the uniform solution, and after vigorously stirring for a certain period of time, add isooctyl alcohol until no bubbles are generated. The coating of the present invention adopts an aqueous system, and no harmful substances volatilize during use, which is clean and environmentally friendly. In addition, The use of silicon carbide and silicon nitride whiskers as reinforcing materials improves the hardness of the coating, better meets the technical requirements in the field of pressure casting, improves the molding rate of castings, and reduces production costs.
In summary, the editor of BN coating from China tells: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge about the boron nitride coating for pressure casting and the preparation method.

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